Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thanksgiving, Grateful I'm Not Stressing!

Holiday time. So, my sister wanted to know what I’m bringing on thanksgiving this year. This question USED to stress me out, because I tend toward (very) last minute planning. But then I realized we live in the information era. The plethora of nutrition and health blogs at our fingertips makes holiday meal planning a sinch! But I also wanted to help you with recipes I KNOW are paleo and deliciously tried and TRUE.

Don’t stress out like I used to do, instead, simplify it. Every thanksgiving only needs a few items besides turkey. Veggie dish (Brussels sprouts this year), biscuits, sweet potato side, and pie(s).
These recipes are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and will knock your socks off anyway. Now, let’s do some clean eating from now until the holidays so we can pig out in peace.

Elanas pantry pumpkin pie – Last year we (well, in ALL honesty, I ) started a new tradition. We eat a piece of pie while we wait for the turkey to bake. We start with pie and we end with more pie after the grub.  Why not, we're Americans.

Elanas pantry salt/pepper crackers – heavy but great for you crunch-seeking cracker lovers who want to stay away from gluten

Nom nom paleo brussels sprouts - I never like Brussels sprouts until this recipe came in my life. serious. Your kids will even love it, especially with small pieces and using quality fig balsamic vinegar as the cherry on top

 Creamy prebiotic potato salad - also with bacon. I love this stuff because it's actually really good for you if you use real sauerkraut, plus its got resistant starch so you'll stay full longer along with other health benefits. You can sub sweet potatoes or just use white potatoes and be a paleo-rebel 

We had this in school and I loved it. Omit the sugar please, you don't need it. This is so nutritious with mushrooms with adaptogen properties. 

Cauliflower mashed “potatoes” You don't need the fullness of more potatoes, get your cauliflower with loads of vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals. No guilt here!

Ever cooked with the most expensive herb on the planet? Saffron comes in small amounts because its full of vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin C (so is the cauliflower)

Lexisclean kitchen – thanksgiving biscuits - Pumpkin is delicious and also loaded with fiber and helps you produce serotonin (the "all is well" neurotransmitter that helps you have self control