My name is Steph Kinzer. Born and raised a Texas gal and moved to Colorado where I fell hard into the great outdoors. A mother of two kiddos, and wife to one Mortgage beast. Our family motto is "success in all things." This is my fitness blog where I get to exhale and let it all out; pain, sweat, anticipation and glory. 
First Colorado Tough Mudder, Love at First Mudder!

I have a no-holding-back policy; striving for highly intense, thought-shattering workouts. The goal is to crush self-defeating barriers (like negative thoughts) and enlighten your soul to the devine magic within. 

You will not grasp your true strength until you encounter resistance, it's a POWERFUL tool to help you grow! Prepare for the unexpected. Embrace being different, it's what makes you unique. Don't just sleep through life, instead OWN YOUR LIFE, prosper, triumph, persevere, be fearless, be bold. Become a beast. 

I become alive through fitness, I always have. Being active has helped me to "get out of my (negative) head." It was when I cleaned up my diet and consistently worked on my fitness goals that I really began to emerge both fit and powerful. And being fit has caused a monumental shift in my life- from hiding to stepping out of my hole and feeling limitless. I am incredibly eager to share this passion and drive with others.