Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Appetite of A Burly Man, Blame it on the Heavy Lifting

Really gross how much I ate today. NO, it’s gross how much I ate just for breakfast alone, ugg. It all started in my mouth when a piece of bacon talked to my eggs and said, “let’s throw her for a loop & turn on her man-appetite.” Protein can be such a jerk sometimes. So from eggs and bacon I went to prunes (love my fiber) and an apple and some oatmeal and some almond butter (A lot) with honey.
Why didn’t someone stop me. Or at least tie my hands behind my back to slow me down.
It’s too embarrassing to continue and log my entire day, but I estimate we are talking a good 3000 calorie day of regret. Not good for weight loss but very good for any ambition towards becoming a football linebacker…
What did I learn from today’s food mania? If anything can bring on a burly appetite, it’s absolutely burly-man behavior. 
Two things can be contributed to this drama in my belly:
1. Strong woman class at my gym two days ago. (I think it’s okay to blame something from two days ago, right??) If you want to be a BEAST (I do!) you must lift, throw and pull like one. We’re talking sledgehammers, tire flips and heavy farmer carries (55# in each hand) I LOVE these badass moves!
2. Max back squat today 175# on my back, SWEET! I originally thought I did 185 but I definitely only did 175. (figured out after I already bragged to someone about 185, oops) Not a PR today, but I matched my 2 year ago PR. I am so proud of my body! Also, had zero people spotting or coaching me so it was 100% self inflicted, meh.
The best part of my day was when a fellow gym-goer asked if I was training for a show! I was so flattered!!! Maybe that’s because my red fire-truck engine face is often times a dead-give away to my breaking point.
Here’s my workout: 
Run 1/2 mile
Row 1000 Meters
20 Medicine ball slams (14#)
20 Box jumps (24”)
20 Push ups
20 Sit ups
Back squats:
10, 10, 7, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1
working up to 175#
Random running and rowing, at which point I realized my body was pretty pooped
Pooped puppy. This guy has it right

and the dry sauna began whispering lovingly to me. So, I spent 10 minutes sweating out all the water I drank in 2013. It was marvelous.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fight Gone Bad (But not so bad)

Watched an awesome motivational video yesterday of Rich Froning (my lifelong crush) and it got me wanting to step up in the gym. Go ahead, let the motivation take hold of you by watching right here.  Rich Froning tends to make me want to push things further, and I don't think I'm alone in this. After the motivation got me, I googled hard crossfit WODS, and suddenly it was as if I hadn't been breathing for years & someone gave me fresh air, F* yes. Brutal cross fit work outs came up and rattled my being. 


One of  WODS which spoke to me is the Fight Gone Bad. So the next day I came prepared loaded with coconut electrolytes & some furry in my heart. I attacked the WOD  and I felt like I could concur anything. Here's the WOD:

"Fight Gone Bad!"3 rounds:

Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps) - 14# for girls
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)   -  modified at 65#
Box Jump, 20" box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)                    - modifiied at 65#
Row (Calories)
* One minute on each station & a one minute break between rounds. It's a 17 minute work out **

Concured this bad boy, though I didn't count points, instead I just felt the painful glory. I loved particularly the SDHP because I'd never done them in the gym before. They are ridiculous looking which guarantees I get to leave my comfort zone. 

According to Muscle & FItness magazine, the origin of the name came upon us like this:
"The origin story of “Fight Gone Bad” is now a thing of CrossFit legend. When world-renowned UFC fighter B.J. Penn went to CrossFit founder Greg Glassman looking for a workout that would mimic the trials of mixed martial arts, Glassman devised a devastating test: three five-minute rounds containing high- power compound exercises meant to work every muscle in the body and re-create the intensity of a real mixed martial arts battle. (um,,,, F* yes!)
When Penn was lying on the floor trying to catch his breath after the brutal workout, Glassman asked whether the new circuit felt anything like a fight. “It’s like a fight gone bad,” Penn replied, supplying the name for one of CrossFit’s most challenging—and notorious—workouts. " (Muscle & FItness Magazine link here.

I HEART crossfit!! - I will be doing it again & timing it. 

and happy st. pati's day!

Self Made Masterpiece in Upper Body Strength, ROAR

WOD 3.24.14
Today was overhead squats, lots of them, yippee-kye-aye-aye! I sometimes tend to shy away from these shoulder-killing monsters, but end up feeling a lot of LOVE for them in the end. NOT too much love, but just a teaser to leave me coming back for more. And just like the snatch, the OHS is incredibly empowering; it’s one way to make this shorty feel more giant-like. 
I started my workout:
500M row
500M (ish) run
20 Weighted lunges (with 25# plate overhead) 
10 OHS (here we go!) 65#
15 push ups on the bosu ball (the half one)
20 V-Ups
x 5
10 Kettlebell swings 26# 
10 Kettlebell snatches 20#
Weighted sit ups with 26# KB
x2 (I might have done more, but I was in a daze at this point & they were getting pretty sloppy)

I realized while doing the KB work that my shoulders were not agreeing with my decision to work on KB sntaches. The lunges, OHS & KB work was too much & I felt week & in bad form. ROokie mistakes.  
A pic of me doing OHS a couple years ago (inside the box)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ROARING Out of The Box, Shrinking Boobs & Heavy(ish) Power Cleans

Out of the Box…This girl’s journey without crossfit, Hollar! I'm going rogue. My hybrid, semi custom- made workouts without the box. 3.2.1 go

Today at the gym included shrinking boobs, heavy-ish power cleans and a stench of major proportions. My morning began at the early 4 am hour. WTH is going on here, almost two hours premature, and wide awake, all be, even my alarm is offended. Either way, made it to the car and I'm good as gold.

So when I did make it to the dungeon gym at Colorado Athletic Club (which I have come to have a mutually loving relationship with) I started off strong, forgetting to stretch, yet AGAIN. Hopefully it never bites me in the arse with an injury, neh.  Lately, I have been starting with a bang, running upstairs in the midget track and adding rowing or kettlebells.

 But wait, what about the shrinking boobs  you ask? Right, let’s get down to business.
After the warm up, I headed to the barbell, YAY. I love you barbell, you rock my world. Unfortunately my usual work station is facing a mirror which gives one way too much vanity time. Today, this vanity time let me see that my particular semi-voluptuous nature seemed to be suffering from shrinkage. What can testosterone do to you? I crush you estrogen dominance, muah ha. What was once a T & A body has now evolved towards an A body with um, tic tacs. (Tic Tacs and Ass??) As I am trying to focus on my lifts I am distracted by this epiphany, but aspiring to be the humble badas I want to be, I push on.
What we have here is my WOD:
8 rounds
3 power cleans (95lbs)
9 push ups
9 air squats

My lifts felt strong today and my face felt gloriously sweaty, success! Back to the minus T issue, I have been thinking of how I could make a deal with the devil to save my bouncy girls; What would I give the devil to trade? My cocker spaniel? But as the shock has worn off, I realize I am making peace with whatever my body needs to do. Besides,  there’s always surgery right? Hehe, that’s not at all drastic.

My workout ended with a short trip the rower just for one last hurrah before my departure.  This is where I made one hell of a mistake. Never, ever do this  when you are in the company of others. I removed  my IPOD arm band, (I just squinted remembering this) Yes. I did that. And I know of one lucky personal trainer who also partook in the heavenly aroma. Oh the stench of sweaty balls. Yes, that's what a few weeks (months?) worth of arm sweat added up to. So now I know I should be washing that naughty arm band more often.  OK, we covered power cleans, boobs and stench.  Stay tuned for a joke on my next post. Until then, send the devil my way, will ya?