Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gratitude, Reflection and Pause on Thanksgiving. RIP Justin.

A great man left this world on Monday. Justin, a friend and one hell of a person passed away this week. He was my girlfriend's brother and I ache for his loss as well as his family's. The questions in my mind have been rolling out by the moment; how did it happen, who was there, what were the circumstances? But in the end, the answers to those questions won't change the fact that he is gone now. The answers to those questions won't let him sit down and eat Thanksgiving dinner today. The answers won't let him take more breaths or hold his nephew and niece.

At a time when you experience loss, I find it important that we allow time for serious, focused reflection in our own lives. Are we where we want to be and doing the things we want? Are we living a life to be proud of, one that makes our ancestors and loved ones proud of us? Are we being true to ourselves? Are we cherishing each precious moment or are we just moseying around in life without being present and relishing in the joy of now.

So on a day when my heart aches for such a terrible loss, and on a day when tears and hugs can not ease the pain - I wish to be grateful for the moment I live in now. Here is what I am grateful for on Thanksgiving:

My Graditude List for Thanksgiving 2014

  1. My two daughters; a walking example of living in the moment and who teach me to relish the small things in life. Yesterday at Whole Foods, we found the bubble button where the kids can push the button and bubbles fall from the ceiling. My girls you would have thought had just met Santa and the easter bunny - they screeched and smiled bigger than I've ever seen as they tried to pop the bubbles and let them fall on their heads. Those moments of pure joy will be etched in my mind forever and it's my privilege to be surrounded by two girls that can offer that joy to me. I'm a lucky Mom.
  2. For a hubby who can keep me focused and on track when I start slipping. Rick is my rock - how he can always stay on track with my crazy shenanigans astounds me regularly. He has always been able to see the big picture- when I can sometimes only see one step ahead somehow he sees the stars. He has amazing clarity. And it is Rick who can make me laugh as hard as my Dad does- and that's no easy task.

  3. For the ability to LOVE and to FEEL LOVE. Also for the ability to breath and have control of my body. The ability to feel raw emotions no matter how good or bad.
  4. For being blessed in a body that let's me do the things I love. And a body that has dealt with years of mistreatment and too much judgment. A body that let's me learn new skills. Our bodies are amazing machines I am honored to be able to tap into its abilities.
And for today, on Thanksgiving, it's my goal to enjoy each moment, live inside each moment and give big tight hugs to those I love. To eat and not feel guilt about the foods I chose to enjoy. To get subsistence from the people I will be surrounded by today instead of trying to get it  from food. Keeping food as the "icing on the cake" and letting my loved ones be my cake. Happy Turkey Day, make a it good one folks!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Stomach Flu. You Should Be So Lucky.

Though I did not intentionally get the stomach flu, I have several reasons you might wanna go out and get some. It began with my 3-year old daughter, and got passed to every person in our house, and now Grandpa, a cousin and my brother-in-law all have it. Yes, my family has mastered spreading our love through the gut.

Stomach Flu Incentives:

  1. For the first time in my life I have a super power:  Super Power Burps! These burps are so frightening, no one will come close.
    Stand back evil-doers.
  2. My weekend was spent in my PJ pants. Did YOU get to do that? I even had a tiny bit of puke on my pant bottoms, but did I let that bother me...nope. I was dwelling in my jammies guilt free.
  3. Catching up on all your reading. 574 trips to the bathroom will do that for you, too. The gift of more leisure time
  4. A complete new start. Weight loss guaranteed. Those expensive detox programs have nothing on mama nature! 
  5. Carbs on Carbs on Carbs. Eat to your hearts content because everything will be kicked out momentarily. Treat this as carbohydrate martial law.
  6. Clean sheets! There are perks to having vomit in your bed
I suggest you time your stomach flu wisely. Mine occurred on Halloween night. I considered it a gift from the switch witch. She took all the evil, rotten candy I ingested, twirled it around in her wicked little brew bowl and magically expelled it  from my gut. Thank you switch witch. Although, I think maybe thanksgiving might have been a better choice looking back. Well, I guess any gluttonous holiday will do. Go get yours.  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Its Not Called Gym-nice-stics!" Movie Quote Trivia

Oranche, owner at Awaken Gymnastics
Remember when you were a kid holding money for the ice cream truck and you stood there looking at the ice cream pictures, deciding which one you would devour. You knew whatever you got would be yummy and you couldn't lose! That's how thrilled I am to find an adult gymnastics facility only 15min away from me. There I am last week looking at Awaken Gymnastics knowing it's going to be delicious! A place where back flips, muscle ups, hand stand walks and the human flag are on the agenda, ummm.. hell ya, bring it.

It All Starts With Goal Assessment...  What an opportunity to share my biggest fitness intentions in a structured class! Goals assessment class is mandatory for everyone starting off. We also got to show off a few of our skills, or in my case our almost-skills. This is also when the coaches get to watch specific movements and identify mobility issues. There were a lot of shoulder, ankle and hip issues that could limit full expression of the moves. Oranche (Awaken owner) and his team were there to call out those weak spots. My shoulder issue was no exception, it could hide no more.

Genius concepts introduced during my first visit:
Totally Busted. My shoulder issue can hide no more

  1. Hip/Shoulder Prehab - When my wayward shoulder was pointed out during the goal assessment, they didn't send me away with instructions to contact my local chiropractor. Instead I was given an order for mandatory shoulder pre-hab which will help mend my rogue shoulder and prep it for my new gymnastics skills
  2. Deloading - Their weeks are structured by varying levels of intensity. Each week gets more difficult until deload week comes along and reduces your reps to keep you out of the red zone  (prevents you from getting adrenal fatigue and injured)

My goals? Oh, so glad you asked. Is a double back flip too huge of a goal? Nothing wrong with aiming high. I am interested in all of it! Back flips, muscle ups, ring handstands, and the beautiful and the all-powerful, strong and flexible gymnastics body. Bring it! 

"Stick It"
Now for your movie quote trivia...It's from a gymnastics movie called "Stick It" which I had never watched until last week. It all started when I was partial to a conversation at Crossfit and they discussed the movie. Someone I know (not naming names!) is the husband of a stunt double for one of the actresses. I felt like the outsider in the conversation (total dork) because I had never seen the movie which was made in 2006. So I made it a point to watch it, so I could be part of the cool kids group. However, after I watched it, I realized I might have become even more of dork for watching it because it was really something special. My 3-year old daughter watched the movie also and wanted to watch it a second time, if that properly rates the movie for you.  Still, a good movie for some intense gymnastics moves and glad I watched it just to get to use the quote above as my title. 

Here's to my gymnastics world which just opened up, stay tuned for updates. Maybe the Olympics in my future? Never know. Maybe I'll work on my back flips first.