Monday, March 24, 2014

Self Made Masterpiece in Upper Body Strength, ROAR

WOD 3.24.14
Today was overhead squats, lots of them, yippee-kye-aye-aye! I sometimes tend to shy away from these shoulder-killing monsters, but end up feeling a lot of LOVE for them in the end. NOT too much love, but just a teaser to leave me coming back for more. And just like the snatch, the OHS is incredibly empowering; it’s one way to make this shorty feel more giant-like. 
I started my workout:
500M row
500M (ish) run
20 Weighted lunges (with 25# plate overhead) 
10 OHS (here we go!) 65#
15 push ups on the bosu ball (the half one)
20 V-Ups
x 5
10 Kettlebell swings 26# 
10 Kettlebell snatches 20#
Weighted sit ups with 26# KB
x2 (I might have done more, but I was in a daze at this point & they were getting pretty sloppy)

I realized while doing the KB work that my shoulders were not agreeing with my decision to work on KB sntaches. The lunges, OHS & KB work was too much & I felt week & in bad form. ROokie mistakes.  
A pic of me doing OHS a couple years ago (inside the box)