Thursday, October 13, 2011

PR's...Ready, Set, Go!

So I have begun to realize that I am intimidated by two things revolved around workouts:
1. Early mornings and 2.Scary Front Range Cross Fit WODS (workout of the day)!

It's funny how much free time I used to have for working out, and I usually took advantage. Of course that was the pre-baby days before I had to stop focusing so much on just me, me and me. Before my baby girl Juliet,  life was such a breeze. I could compare it to eating cake.

Pre-baby = cake eating
Post baby=eating a juicy filet minion
While both are enjoyable, one can sustain you much much longer!

Since the creation of my little lady Juliet, I have had a priority shift in my time management. Workouts continue to remain very high on my list of needs as they fit right in with water, food and love. Trust me, one does not want to be around me when I don't work out.  Non worked out Steph brings out the devil in me (just ask my dear hubbo, who can testify to this).

In the most recent couple of months, sleep has began to quietly seep into that list of things I have to do. This priority change has placed a huge damper on my workouts. My usual crossfit time is 6am, which requires not only a 520am alarm clock (oh, how I do NOT love thee) but also an early morning breast feeding session for the little Kinzer baby. And believe me, any other time for work outs just doesn't happen, what with the chaos that ensues later in the day. OK for cheesy purposes, lets just call that our family time. So, it's 6am or it's a bust & that's a huge guilt producing delima currently. To be honest, it requires a bedtime of 930pm, which is difficult for me.

This recent prioritization of sleeping habits has come from two relatively reliable sources: Marks Daily Apple (web site) and Lights Out, the book. Both which say, it is better to get more sleep & get a short workout in later in the day rather than getting up early & sleeping less than 8 hours. There are so many reasons our bodies need more sleep, mostly regarding hormones and oh...small things like diabetes and heart disease! All of which just so happen to make an absolutely dreamy excuse to reach over with my naughty right arm & turn off that alarm clock.

Hence, I have fallen short lately on my cross fit workouts, so much so that if I go this seldom it's not worth the monthly debit from my bank account to pay for me just LOOKING at the WODS online. This is the point my oh-so-logical husband mentioned the other night & sent me on a rage. Ah! the truth HURTS, especially when I was fuming in the wrong direction (at him for saying it) instead of myself with this bastard right arm (see, I already told you about my devilish tendencies when I'm not working out). Thank goodness I picked a forgiving spouse, and I say this with my most perfect toothy innocent smile.

This brings me to point #2, scary WODSs. Case in point: This morning's WOD:
Three rounds:
20 burpees
30 wall-ball shots (14lbs)

But just for the record, I did go to crossfit this morning - (thanks, I did pat myself on the back already) I think it was some sort of karma for sleeping in lately because only 3 of us total went for this punishment. But even scarier than today was a couple of weeks ago when we attempted to uncover our max snatch (btw, have you warmed up your snatch lately?) And for some reason, be it my lack of barbell confidence when weights are over my head or just that I am a total wimp; I am afraid of the snatch. Yep, I said it. And my max weight showed it, only 75 pounds. yikes. And a real jab to the ego took place when I was told a prego crossfitter snatched 110pounds.

So, more recently, when we had another max lift day, I decided it was game on. I came fully hydrated, ready to rock and well fueled after a prior night's paleo dinner. It was game on, ready set go! Which leads into the name of this post: PR's and FR's. What is an FR you should ask? It means first record and it takes place when you don't have a prior weight to beat, it is also totally made up for this blog post my good friend. So I went to uncover my FR's on the following:

Overhead Squat - 90lbs
Front Squat - 150lbs
Back Squat - 175lbs

and I feel pretty good about that level of strength! I sure hope I can grow from there. Not only did I score some "way-to-go's" but I left with quite the ego boost! Thank you Crossfit for all the fun!