Monday, March 30, 2015

The Crossfit Open, 15.5 In Recap

Three hours post working out, after doing Open WOD 15.5, and I am stinky, my legs are burning and my lungs are still causing me to cough randomly AND I have an intermittent headache. My daughter keeps asking what's wrong with me. Hummmphhhh... I have uncontrollable sighing.

Workout 15.5:
27 Calorie Row
27 Thrusters (65#)
21 Calorie Row
21 Thrusters
15 Calorie Row
15 Thrusters
9 Calorie Row
9 Thrusters

Total Time - 11:20 

Of all the studying of the workout that I did, I expected different. I thought maybe, just maybe I could do the thrusters unbroken. Why not? I have quads made for a giant white frog, I kinda like thrusters and I row pretty efficiently. Yes I said I like thrusters. 

All the athletes I watched on video did the thrusters unbroken, I figure try to get it over with quickly because it's going to burn the longer you work. Oh hell no, the people who did not break them up are machines and are all ranked for regionals. I got to unlucky thruster #7 and wanted to drop the barbell because my legs still hurt from the rowing. Instead, I pushed on and made it to #14 and then dropped it. That was half the thrusters in round one. I kinda felt deceived by the girls who's videos I watched that made this look like a walk down easy street.
Rowing like the wind. Coach had to tell me to slow down in the beginning
I don't even know what happened after that because I entered a world of pain.The noises that came out of my mouth were the ones that you hear in the maternity/labor wing of a hospital. I pushed with that level of intensity and I had no baby after ward to meet. Except maybe a baby of sheer pain.
My hurting face. Can't hold this back when it hurts this bad

The end is near...

In Closing...Heres the thing. When my score was announced I didn't even care. I knew that my best effort had just been offered to the rowing machine and to the devil thrusters. Did I say earlier that I like thrusters? I take it back. My only concern now is that I strategized wrong. What if I would have broken up the thrusters into small, manageable sets right away? Could I have lessened the amount of times the barbell was at rest? Oh, the world will never know. I am never doing that one again.