Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pressing Topic: What You Don't Know About Fat Loss

POP QUIZ...Where does fat escape the body when you lose weight? Fat, or adipose tissue has mass, right? You can visually see it or feel it when you put on clothes.If you guessed into the toilet you are wrong!  So when you lose weight, where is that mass going? How does it leave?

A Breathetarian Barbie. Either that or all her food get stored in her chest
The answer surprised me. You breathe fat out. Fat becomes carbon dioxide and you breath it out. Did you just take a deep breath as you read that? 84% of your fat is breathed out through you lungs in the form of carbon dioxide and the rest of it becomes water.

This is fab news for us exercising fitness fanatics. We're burning calories, and breathing out fat while we do it. No wonder I have a hard time leaving the gym!

Want another mind blowing tid bit to add to your RAnDom arsenal for amusing small talk? There are people called breatharians. Ever heard of them? Breatharians are real people who think they can live on breath and the sun alone with no food or water. This is real folks.  You can only hope they become a breatharian when they are in their late 90's. Can't imagine they live too long.

Anywho, more news on breathing. This weekend I did my first yoga-hike with a fabulous yoga instructor. She taught us the proper way to breath for maximal effect. Maybe even for quicker weight loss? Who knows. You decide.

Breathing Like You Mean It

1. Breathe in through you nose (let your nose filter all the yuck stuff out)
2. Count the amount of time it takes to breath in (4-5 seconds is average)
3. Count to double that number on the way out (breath out through your mouth or nose) and use your tummy to push with force

My way of doing it is to breath in for 5 seconds and out for 10 seconds. On the exhale, you should feel it in your gut. I love finding out ways to do things better.

Shallow Breathing, the Chunky Truth

So, here's a shocker! I found shallow breathing can cause: BLOATING. It causes you to inhale too many small sips of air. Who would have guessed? That's reason enough to do your deep breathing. Then there's digestive issues, heartburn, fatigue, chest pain, heart palpitations which result from shallow breathing. This is because the body uses the lungs to expel toxins from the body and without completely removing them, your body holds onto them instead. That's not nice.

Breath deep and exhale deep my friends. Your lungs will thank you.

Question #2 of your Pop Quiz, What does one pound of fat look like? Oh Lord. It looks like this inside the body. Or has the mass the size of a baseball. Neither is pretty. No wonder I feel so good when I lose a few pounds.

Fat Loss Tip #2
Leptin is a hormone responsible for letting you know you ate and you can stop. This is how your body can signal you to put the fork down and to pick it up when you need energy. When this hormone is not regulated properly, you will continue to be hungry after a meal and want to eat late at night. It's an ugly thing to do to someone especially if that person is trying to drop a dress size. It also interferes with insulin and we all know if you have too much insulin you will not be getting off the scale with a smile anytime soon! Here's some more info from Wellness Mama:
Lifestyle Factors to Improve Leptin Response:
  • Avoiding grains, sugar and fruits (OK maybe one fruit a day)
  • Eat (or take) more Omega-3s (fish, grassfed meats, chia seeds) 
  • For breakfast, consuming veggies (a green smoothie?) followed by a small amount of protein and healthy fats within an hour of waking 
  • Hit the sack early, between 9-10pm - Early to bed, early to rise - makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!
  • No snacking - when you are constantly eating, it overworks your liver & can destroy your hormones. Eat regularly, every 3-4 hours, while sitting down
  • When you do exercise, do it for a short time with high intensity, drop the long and slow sessions of cardio 
  • Remove toxins from your life as these are a stress on your body. Get rid of processed foods, nasty cleaning products and personal care products filled with toxins