Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Your Cravings Mean + Cravings Chart

Sometimes after a big event like the Tough Mudder, I will crave nothing else but a cigarette. It's like I wish instead of handing out bottles of water, they were giving me a Camel Light. It's SOOO strange. I have always been a little ashamed of it but now I understand more. Apparently craving cigarettes/tobacco means your body needs Silicon or Tyrosine. I'm assuming after a race my body wanted Tyrosine because it's involved in adrenaline production which I'm sure I was low on.

Cake + Ice cream, Nope.
Sometimes, if I don't obey my food cravings they eventually nip me in the butt later. So if I'm at a birthday party and they have cake and ice cream (this never happens, right?) And I really  want some, but instead I practice self-control, pout on the inside, and say no thank you. Then, the story is not over. Later that night I might go home and scarf down cookies in private. There's a balance one must find, between indulging and hearing your inner wisdom. I don't always find peace through hard core deprivation. Nor do I find it though a lack of self control. Balance, I swear.

Instead, try to soften your harsh thoughts towards yourself. Figure out what's causing the craving. Cravings mean something. Don't judge them. Instead, let them guide you and then analyze what they mean. Sometimes your cravings will lead you to have a big ass bowl of ice cream. Sometimes boredom or loneliness will lead you there. Well, if you think it will help something, eat the damn thing, be excited about it, relish in it and then examine why you wanted it. Remember that if you feel bad about it later, then use it as a guide to help you the next time you feel that way. Don't over analyze it, just learn and move on.


I know about these all too well. If you aren't hungry but you find yourself feeding a bucket (your face) with a huge hole in the bottom. Remember there is not enough food in the world to make it feel better when you feel this way. You do need to feel better, but the food is not the answer, try another answer. Step #1: Trace back where in your day or in your week you needed some nurturing. Maybe because you kinda felt crummy all day and needed to be taken care of. Maybe you just used food to work through some emotion you were avoiding. Maybe you have just started a lousy habit of flipping on the boob tube and eating because it helps you disconnect from reality. If it's for these reasons, then you just need to figure out what else you want to do to cope instead. I like to meditate. I used to do burpees or sit outside. Or hug a tree or set up a massage.

Ginger Tea Recipe here

Food/Item Deficency Foods Energy Meaning
Bread       B Vitamins High protein Feeling insecure
Nitrogen fish, nuts, beans Needing comfort

Sweets and
Magnesium Fresh Squeezed juices Do 3 protein meals with no snacks between
B Vitamins Green fruit smoothie
 Chromium Broccoli, grapes, cheese, beans


Poultry, dairy, eggs, nuts, grains
Feeling unsupported Maybe feeling unhappy
Sulfur Cranberries/kale/cabbage
/crucifer veggies
Tryptophan 3 protein meals + sweet potato
at night before bed
Cheese, fries or pizza Vitamins E,
A, D
Homemade French fries or roasted carrots, nut butters or hummus, walnuts, salmon, add fatty acids like fish oil to diet for long-term cravings Exhaustion, need comfort or sadness about not reaching your goals yet


Burnout, No energy for things you do not love. Resentment toward job or disappointment 
Vitamin C Chai tea with no sugar
Apple Cider Vinegar
Iron Black cherries/Meat

Egg yolks, onion, garlic, crucifer veggies


Carob, Epsom salt bath or magnesium oil spray

Angry that life feels unsatisfactory
Soda pop Calcium Sparkling mineral water  Looking to stay   motivated &      energized
B Vitamins and Vit. C  DIY ginger tea with lemon
PMS Cravings Zinc Red meats, cucumber skin, seafood           Feeling   disconnected from thoughts/behaviors
leafy veggies

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