Thursday, June 23, 2016

Heartburn Got You Burning Up?! Got Your Cure, No Rx Required

Did you know I am interested in healing the world with food and demolishing the pharmaceutical company stocks with my healing, genius mind? Oh, you didn't know. I haven't told many because I've been studying instead of blogging. So for my nutrition therapy class, we are studying natural alternatives to nasty acid blockers like Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet and Prilosec, Pepcid AC. Here is some of the info I feel compelled to share for all you heartburn sufferers.

Personally, I've only ever had heartburn a few awful times - It hurt SOOOOOO bad - like a flame was oozing out of my heart.  In fact, the first time I had it, I sat up in bed thinking I was going to croak. Times after that,  when I was prego, I took peppermints, I chewed down 4 of them and it calmed the fire down though I've read that it isn't suppose to help, it definitely did. So, there. Maybe that's all we need is some artificial mint- flavored sugar to cure what ails us. (that's a sweet metaphor for life)

Energetically, heartburn is caused by fear, fear and more fear. According to Louise Hay, some thought or emotion you are thinking is causing clutching fear within your body. Remember to breathe fully and that things are always working out for you. Then figure out how to soothe yourself into relief.

In case you are in pain, rolling your eyes and holding your chest, wondering when I'll get past the candy and move to the grits - here you go:

  • Heartburn is not your heart burning! I hope that becomes common knowledge. Your heart is fine, it's your digestive tract that's working overtime.

    • The causes of heartburn/acid reflux is because the muscular flap that separates your esophagus from your stomach - the flap is not staying shut. It's name is the lower esophageal sphincter. The sphincter is an exit only door - and the food is going back through the exit and there's a bouncer at the door who lights the whole place on fire as punishment. But the burning is actually just stomach acid which is usually just in the stomach and needed to polarize your food. Don't block the acid, you need the acid for all the processes in your body
    • Low stomach acid is very common a problem for most of us Americans. It's not that we have too much stomach acid and its eating our insides. Indeed it's the opposite. We don't make enough acid and the exit only door is not triggered to stay shut thus the acid goes splashing into the exit only door and the fire the bouncer started
    • All those heartburn medications and OTC meds are harming us more than helping us. They are only to be taken for a short time and yet we use them regularly and they cause a whole host of other problems
    • The best chapter in the book I read is called "Is the Cure worse than the Disease?" The answer is yes, it is worse. Acid blockers are worse than heartburn. But if you have heartburn for a long time you can get ulcers, so the solution is to figure out WHY you are getting heartburn and address that. Is it a certain food? Is it a certain person or thought? Is it a job? Is it from standing up eating? Is it from over-feeding yourself at every meal? 
    • Side effects of acid blocking drugs include bone loss and asthma, and bloating, malnutrition, constipation, chest pain, coughing, anemia, aggression, arthritis, back pain, dry mouth, farts, rashes, cancer of the GI tract, flu, hair loss, goiter, fever, depression, kidney disease, liver disease, impotence, vision problems, weight gain or loss. Holy Sh*t!
    Indeed the answer is actually to increase your stomach acid so the exit only door can tell the bouncer to go home because the club is closed and the door is locked. Once there is sufficient stomach acid, your sphincter gets the message to shut and stay shut, thus the "club" is closed. 

    You can increase your stomach acid naturally: 
    First, hold the boat! Stop taking antacids which neutralize the stomach acid, you want the acid acidic so you can digest and assimilate nutrients from your food

    1) Drink a small amount (1/3 teaspoon) of Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with water 20 minutes before meals . Not only does this help you digest food, but when you properly digest food, you have less waste for your body to sort through so you will usually lose weight. I know a guy who did nothing different to his diet and lost 10 pounds just adding in apple cider vinegar to his diet for 2.5 months. 
    2) Take herbal bitters to help the bouncer (esophageal sphincter) get stronger (the sphincter is a muscle - get it? you can picture it now, right!) and to increase stomach acid. It's a one-two PUNCH!
    3) Avoid tap water, get a water filter. Get rid of fluoride and chlorine which lower the amount of enzymes (that help produce stomach acid) also they are nasty and they perform torture on your thyroid. 

    4) Supplement with HCl (hydrochloric acid) don't do this if you have an ulcer and take digestive enzymes- or probiotics-  better assimilation of nutrients, win-win!

    5) Lifestyle habits: slow eating, small bites, just eating without your phone (eeeekkk! is that possible?) When you feel fear,or stress - are you eating it away? Don't eat when you're scared or stressed. Wait it out. You won't wither away skipping a meal or two. But you will be able to get down to the real issues without bottlenecking

    6) Foods to add in for healing of the gut/intestines: aloe vera, cabbage juice, payaya, chamomile tea. Add them in! 

    7) Get checked for H. Pylori bacteria if you have regular bad breath, bloating, migraines, rosacea, anemia, asthma, or vomiting after a meal  

    8) Examine if you have yeast overgrowth or candida since it causes acid reflux - if you regularly crave sugar, consider a candida cleanse to nip this in the bud! Yeast overgrowth causes the bugs to poop out gas and the gas travel up through the exit only door (AKA the sphincter)

    My emergency remedy (besides peppermint candy):
      Arm AND Hammer

    FOR MASSIVE HEARTBURN ATTACKS: 1 TINY TEASPOON OF BAKING SODA will neutralize the acid. Add to a small glass of water and put it down the hatch

    Reference: Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers by Martie Whittekin, CCN