Friday, September 2, 2016

24- Hour Urinary Tract Infection Cleanse

The infection of the bladder can be healed with some quickness if you apply some fierce remedies.

So in my 35 years, I've had only two urinary tract infections. The first time being in 2007 when I went to my doc for back pain and a fever that turned out to be a kidney infection which originated from (a secret) bladder infection. I literally skipped right over all the red flag warnings like cloudy urine, pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urination and burning pain. Woops. I was much less in tune with my body at that point. My (necessary)warning is that if you have a long term or aggressive UTI, a fever, a painful back and feel really dehydrated, consider a visit to your Dr.

My second bladder infection was more noticeable because it wasn't my first rodeo. And I'd been told by an alternative Dr that I had it, she found it through muscle testing. So I was on the look out for symptoms to show up, and 7 months later, they did. Being terrified of antibiotics, I decided I must nip my UTI in the bud today, or even yesterday. The very far possibility after a long term UTI is that the infection drives up into the one of the kidneys. But don't let that scare you to the pharmacy, people have been curing infections without prescriptions for eons. And besides, I believe if you treat something with antibiotics you're just shuffling the illness to another body part or pushing it deeper into the same organ.

I want to take antibiotics as much as I want Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton to become the President and vice President. Antibiotics are like a war between the good and the bad guys and then a random fighter plane flies overhead and bombs  the whole battle field. Its like as a kid when your Dad comes over when you're fighting with your sibling over a toy, and he snaps up the toy from both of you and and throws it away. Back to adulthood and antibiotics, it can take years to rebuild your immune system and gut bacteria after antibiotics. But if you do take antibiotics, don't listen to my raging fear of them, just bump up your probiotics to recolonize the battlefield faster.
I love this woman! She is a huge part of why I don't take antibiotics or use antibacterial wipes

A 3-Dimentional Cure for Urinary Tract Infections

Here's the Anti-Antibiotic Route to Halt Bladder Infections (UTI's) in 24 Hours:


1. Fluids, you need water/broth/tea to flush the infection out
2. Natural antibiotics: Oil of Oregano (150mg) and/or Berberine (250mg) taken 2-3 X a day
3. Diuretic tea: Dandelion root tea or nettle tea, drink 4 cups/day
4. D- Mannose (the active ingredient in cranberries that helps the infection) take 3 grams 2-3 x day
5. Cranberry juice (cold pressed only and not from concentrate Lakewood organic brand) added to          water to sip on all day. Actually tasty if you don't usually drink juice
6. Giai Herbs UTI formula (not pictured)
7. Starve the infection by NOT feeding it sugar (even fruit)

Your UTI Tool Box 


1. Watch my video for visual assistance!

2. Sitting down with legs in front of you, move to the forward fold position with arms extended parallel to the ground and move your arms and upper body toward your oes, breathing out. Then breath in on the way back to get your spine straight. Repeat this for 3 minutes

3. A standing cat/cow with hands on top of knees, deep breathing, inhale with head up and arch the back; then look down at the belly and breath out. Do this for 2-3 minutes also

4. Do these through the day when you have time


  • Ask yourself, who is pissing you off? 
  • What is pissing you off? 
  • When your symptoms are the worse, what were you thinking about? Feeling unsupported?
  • What can make this situation/person better in your mind?
  • Is it someone else or is it just your thoughts about that person or their behavior? 
  • Are you repressing your anger? 
  • Are you in a toxic relationship?
  • What can you change in your thinking to soften the anger? 
  • What thoughts bring relief? 
  • Can you just breath more through the chaos?
  • Can you write a list of all the things you LOVE about this person or this thing you've been sending so much anger to. Can you flip it. Your body needs you to.

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