Monday, April 4, 2011


Today's WOD (FRCF) was timed at 20min - less intimidating if you suspect you might be slower than your fellow cross fitters since everyone finishes at the same time. Humph.

Today the coach asked me if I wanted to cut down the time (can you handle the 20min he asked) since it was my first day back post baby. I declined and said I would just take it easy. How else can you take it when you have been out of commission for 2 months and have been modifying your workouts for the 7 months before that?

All in all, I had the best realization while going thru the workout: I don't have to hold myself back anymore during cross fit! All this time I had to limit myself and that is no more! Now, nothing can stop me and I am so thrilled to see what this breastfeeding body can do. Woo-hoo! Bring on the HGH for muscles.

Now if only I could have a nutritionist or maybe even one of the Biggest Loser trainers in my house guarding the food and making sure I only make good food choices! What I really need is a heavy duty chain on the fridge and pantry. Luckly, I'm not tempted by fast food, coffee or sodas- I've never had any crazy cravings or addictions to them so I feel ahead of the game there. My weakness revolves around the sweets as they are my temptress. But I figure the longer I go without, the easier I will have it. I've been down this road before, and I always come out shrugging off sugar. It's just hard to make the first move. My plan is to fill myself with the good stuff: fruits, veggies and especially my newest love: baby spinach! Let it be noted that my first experience with spinach as a kiddo led me to vomit on the dining room floor and I have been enemies with the iron-rich power house ever since. However,two weeks ago, my amazing cook of a husband made a delicious batch of spinach salad and took to a friends house which left me feeling obligated to eat it. Surprisingly, I didn't gag or vomit - I swallowed every bite! And that experience began the love affair with baby spinach! Way to go husband for helping expand the pallet! Next let's work on seafood, (f'ing gross if you ask me)

So, back to the WOD: We did 20 min of this circuit:
- 4 front squats (with 65lbs)
- 8 kettle bell swings
- 12 pull-ups (assisted with bands)
I made it to 7.17 rounds with a ridiculously red face to show for it (we're talking clown red here.) Not bad but a long ways to go since the prescribed weight was 95 lbs.and I have yet to do a real pull-up.
As far as the weight goes -
I have set a weight loss goal of 30lbs. That will put me around a comfortable weight that I can maintain with my new spinach eating habit! Let it be known that my husband and I are currently on day #4 of our weight-loss off. Which means I have until May 15th to kick some serious husband butt with as many WODS as possible while taking care of a tiny newborn. Wish me luck!
I know from experience this weight will not come off without some drastic dietary changes. Sadly, exercise is not enough to get this poundage off.
I will keep you posted on the next WOD and the condition my body is in after this week :)