Friday, August 12, 2011

Thyroid, schey-moid, who needs it?

For almost the last two years there has been a new diagnosis in my medical chart, Hypothyroid or more specifically, hashimotos. Sounds so very Asian and almost warrior-like when you put it like that. But there is absolutely nothing warrior like to this aparent auto-immunite disease. Instead of benefiting from my hard working thyroid hormones, my body rejects it like it is an enemy invader. WTF.

All I know is, my Mom had her thyroid removed before "they" thought it was worth anything (guess the good ol docs thought it was a spare part?), my oldest sister has been taking thyroid meds since I can remember knowing what medicine was and my other sister just got diagnosed with a goiter, (an ugly word for an equally ugly lump). Oh heck, even my Dad was told to take synthroid for his slightly low-level hypothyroidism recently. A double fucke to me much? Can you spell G-E-N-E-T-I-C?

I started to take thyroid meds in October 2009; against by better self after the following systems were drop kicking me in the face
1) Hair falling out RAPIDLY, I mean that I clogged the drain everytime I showered and I barely had enough hair to put in a pony-tail.
2) Couldn't get prego (AKA infertility) this one was the MAIN reason though I didn't really believe it would work until I saw that little plus sign 3 months after starting to swallow the little white pill.
3) Sheer exhaustion - Tiredness never felt so tired. I wanted to go to bed at 8pm and people made fun of me when I couldn't keep my eyes open for family events that lasted longer
4) Mood swings - Well...I don't know if I can blame my thyroid for this one, I think I'm just moody all the time, I blame my X chromosome and anything else that pleases me.
5) No eyebrows and eyelashes barely there- This two things are devastating to a woman. I would rather be a hairy beast that had to endure daily waxing rather than not have any eyebrows/lashes.
6) Weight gain - Despite working out 1-2 hours a day and never eating fast food and being an overall healthy eater, the weight was slowly adding on. And this face does not look good with the extra poundage! I am not one of those that can hide extra weight like my blessed hubby.

Those are the major ones that made them self evident, imagine what else was going on inside this human figure! Memory loss, rapid aging, neuro- stuff that I don't even being to understand. Let me just say that the thyroid is like the gas pedal in your car, you need it to get anywhere!

What does make me awfully suspicious is the rapid rate at which it seems every woman is getting diagnosed as hypothyroid. I don't trust Dr's to begin with, so this only keeps me squinting in suspicious thoughts. Don't even get me started on them saying I will never get off thyroid meds for the rest of my life. I believe I was made whole and perfect and by messing with my body unnaturally - a whole new set of ramifications are lining up to punch me in the face later.

The one hope I have is that I was once told that acupuncture helped to cure a woman who had been taking the thyroid meds her whole life. I have no idea if this person was 60 years of 6 days old...but it sounds like a long time when you word it like that!

Signing off and hoping for a CURE and not just a gay cover up to the symptoms!