Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Flip a Tire Like You Mean It, Thoughts of the Michelin Man

I get major kicks out of man-handling something that weighs more than me. So it was only a matter of time before I got really into tires. In fact, one could say it was love at first flip (sigh) so much that I added a tire (my Michelin Man!) to my backyard toy collection. On a side note, recently I was told my tire would be good for planting a garden, (Gasp!) both my tire and I were offended. My Michelin Man is not made for flowers, no sir, my tire is hardcore, and he makes me feel tough, so together, we are bound to a committed relationship of being badasses.

You can get more detailed into different methods of tire flipping, no doubt, but this is just the basics for a lighter tire. When the tires get heavier, you might need to rest that bad boy on your leg while you shift your hand positioning or regroup mentally. You will want to feel completely ready to shove it over like you f*ing mean it. Some people describe tire flipping like it's a dead lift or a clean and jerk - if that helps. I just think of it as lifting something heavy but that's just me, simplifying it.

Fun tire Activities (feel the LOVE!)
1. Sledge hammer hits - pound it like you mean it
2. Strap a rope to your tire & pull it
3. Box jumps onto the tire
4. Jumping in & out of it - think fast, quick speed work
5. Carry it, or bonus points if you carry it over your head

If my Michelin Man tire enticed you and you are interested in getting one for yourself for free, I can help!  I contacted Mullen Tires in Denver and they were borderline ecstatic letting me take one of their tires. If you are outside the Denver metro area, contact your local tire shops and ask around for some free, heavy tires.  I had to make a few phone calls to find my Michelin Man, but it was well worth the effort of a few calls to create such a dedicated relationship with my Michelin Man!