Friday, August 8, 2014

Want Weight Loss Results? Action-Oriented Goal Setting for the Motivated!

There's no reason to be unhappy with situations that are controllable. I want to help you change what you can and make life go your way. Here are 3 fail-proof steps to get what you want out of life and get it with gusto speed.  I know, this stuff works because it's the format I used for my own recent weight loss.   

First, start with putting your mind in a positive place and really ponder your own life direction and goals. Lead with your heart so you can really grasp your life purpose. Remember to focus on the things that are controllable (your outlook, your body shape, your skills, your experiences, your relationships). 

As an example, let's say that your goal is to lose weight. (you've come to the right place by the way!)

1. Turn your goals into questions and write them out. For example, Why do I weigh 155 pounds?   Next write what will change when you achieve your goals. Get in depth writing the description; the more detail the better you can prepare. Make sure your goal is specific - for instance, why do I have six pack abs? Why do I feel so good at the gym? Why do I have such a strong back? Why do I feel so positive all the time? Make sure your goal is realistic and controllable, in other words don't set yourself up to fail. Really consider your answers, and then act on them. Make them your new reality.

2. Design your mantra. My mantra used to be "I'm evolving" because I came to a big crossroads in my life but I didn't want to be afraid of it. Now my mantra is, "I love all parts of me" to remind myself that I am 100% lovable, flaws and all. Your mantra needs to be in the present tense and customized to your life. If you need help, go here for 21 different weight loss mantras. Repeat the mantra as often as you can or if you feel yourself slipping into self-defeating habits.

3. Visualize it! Get detailed about what you want to look like and really see it. Be excited about this! Take some peaceful relaxation time to yourself, lay down for five minutes and visualize everything about the body you want. See yourself standing on the scale and the scale showing your goal weight. Visualize the person you want to become. How will it feel to weigh 155? (or whatever your goal weight is). What will your clothes fit like? How will it feel to sit and eat a meal? Visualization is a major player involved in change because it creates your perception. And perception is everything in this world, so use your mind to your advantage; show your mind where you want to go. Don't let the perception train pass by; you want to leap on it!

It's important to mention that the road to obtain your goals won't always be paved, flat or sunny & you won't always feel motivated. But always remember that you are in complete control to make the changes necessary. The choices you make will get easier the more you do them. Most importantly, don't feel victimized by your body if your goal is a weight loss one, instead feel empowered by your decisions.    

What are your goals? Would love some comments and progress pics!