Saturday, September 6, 2014

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Liver Plus Facial Mapping...Part 2 of Making Your Meat Suit Habitable

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To people who are serious about weight loss, I advise them of two major things: 

1) You have to be willing to make changes. Take up arms to fight the battle! What are you willing to do? Could you give up ice cream and some TV time? You will need to be dedicated to making lifestyle changes.

2) You MUST show a lot of LOVE to your liver. Your liver is your personal fat-burning machine that gets the snuff from the popular kids. People always focus on parts of their body they can see, but oh man, your beautiful, blue collar liver plays a major role in that. When your liver is working in overdrive (to remove toxins like sugar, Vodka, bacteria) then it's NOT working to turn fat into energy. You want to pamper your liver so it can convert your fat into useful things like nutrients and cheeta-like energy. TIP: When the liver is burdened, you can feel it. I personally know I've really done it when I feel a tiny burning sensation in my eyes. The tingling eyes serves as confirmation that I'm not sleeping well, had too much booze, or eaten too much processed foods/sugar.

Ever used Chinese facial Mapping? This is some of the coolest info I've seen which shows you on your face, where your body is struggling on the inside. The points on your face below are representing your internal organs listed below. Wrinkles, blemishes and markings appear on your face when those organs are struggling. Notice where your liver is, between your eyebrows. If you are develop pimples or wrinkles between the brows (usually vertical lines) then that could be a red flag. This is worth looking into further!
Used from:

Signs of an overworked Liver:
1) Burning eyes
2) Intense anger surges. Traffic puts you at a level 10, instantly
3) Irritability
4) PMS
5) Feel "hung over" in mornings even if you didn't drink the night before

Give Some Love To Your Liver by adding these:
1. Cruciferous Veggies: Brussell Sprouts, broccoli (make sure to steam if you have a thyroid issue!) and cauliflower all have sulpher in them which aids the liver in detoxing. More info here.
2. Eat smaller meals: Because it helps the liver and because it feels good to be light on your feet and not heavy from eating too much
3. Drink dandelion tea: Not yummy I will admit, but I find there are many things I will do to lose weight. I cheat the system by adding a flavored tea with the dandelion tea to limit the disgusting taste
4. Give yourself 3 hours between eating and passing out for the night. This gives your liver a sigh of relief to know it can focus on issues bigger than food. When I eat right before bed I tend to wake up puffy, cranky and hungry. After late night food or alcohol consumption, those mysterious early morning stabbing hunger pains you feel after waking the next morning is cortisol by the way because your body is stressed out.
5. Squeeze the lemon into your water: Help your liver by giving it lemon water, which adds etoxes you, adds vitamin C to your diet without calories, and prevents wrinkles.
6. Regulate allergies by eating a low inflammation diet
7. Read 50 Ways to Love Your Liver

That Which Make Your Liver Less Than Stoked:
1. Caffeine: Drinking coffee is like tricking your body into thinking the Apocalypse has arrived. You are creating a war simulation inside your body, kinda rude if you think about it. Maybe just use it on "those"days you really need it.We know what days those are.
2. Alcohol:  The devil in disguise, Booze turns into sugar inside your body, which explains why you wake up wide awake at 2 am, after heavy drinking - from a sugar imbalance, gross. Plus, drinking de-motivates the most motivated parts of me. Drinking is to motivation like sticking a  safety pin inside a balloon & taking all the air out slowly. The more I drink, the less I care about anything.
3. Processed Foods: Processed foods are man-made fat traps, full of chemicals and are 100% poisonous to your body. There's NOTHING good in a bowl of Fruit Loops, yes, even when you buy the organic brands at Whole Foods. Just say no to junk food if you want to express love your liver. My rule is to keep sugary junk food out of the house, if it's not there to eat on a whim, all the less you will need to practice self control.

Best of Luck to you in your liver loving!

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