Saturday, January 24, 2015

Goal Setting: Making 2015 My Best Year in Fitness

So, part of establishing goals is writing it down. For me, I added the bonus of posting online for the world to see (or at least my Mom who is my most consistent reader!) So here goes. Lofty or not, I decided to look at these goals non-nonchalantly and say, "I'm just going to try..." Instead of making a big deal out of it and putting my nerves in a tizzy. 

So, in 2015 I'm just going to try, the following:

1) To run in the Spartan Elite - May 2015 in Colorado. It's a muddy obstacle race for time, which includes rope climbs and a lot of crazy chicks, if any crazies wanna join. I am assuming I can just qualify myself for this race and go try it. This is what I need- getting comfortable with competition. 

2. To do a double Tough Mudder - in Phoenix, which means race on Saturday AND Sunday. Each Tough Mudder is approximately 10 miles and thus this would be 20miles of running mixed with obstacles with one night of rest between. Planning on this for Mid-March.

3. To hike the continental divide - a 36-mile hike with no sleeping. This means straight hiking for an excess of 12-hours. I better buy some good hiking boots, REI here I come!

4) To do The World's Toughest Mudder, November 14, 2015. This is an intense obstacle course with running. It is a 5-mile loop and includes crazy shenanigans like water, fire, walls and freezing night temps as it's in the Nevada desert. Oh, did I mention you loop the course and the race doesn't end until after 24-hours? There's the kicker. The goal is to complete as many miles as you can in 24-hours, my goal would be 50-60miles.

And for fitness goal of things I can work on immediately:

1) Walking on my hands - for 25 meters
2) Double Unders - these are always on my goals list
3) Doing 20 kippping pull ups in a row
4) Do an aerial (no handed) cartwheel 
5) Grow out my fingernails - this is a struggle for me. Everytime I write a blOg, I bite my nails off. Its an awful nervous habit
6) Back squat 200#

What are your fitness goals? What changes need to be made to make those dreams real for you.