Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Practice. Re-calibrating: Creating A Limitless 2015

During a New Years Day yoga class, the instructor said so many insightful things that I regretted not bringing my pen and paper to write them all down. The most important statement she made was to let go of everything that no longer serves you. Instead of busting out singing, "Let It Go!" (Frozen soundtrack) which I almost did, I really took this one to heart. What has taken place in 2014 that I need to let go of? And What do I need to look back on and appreciate? Here's my version of Resolutions:

What No Longer Serves Me: 

1. Sugar - Blood sugar instabilities do not treat me well, in fact sugar makes gets me really down on myself, not just guilt about the consumption but the chemical reaction in my body makes my self confidence dip and de-motivates me. It's a war I will always fight. Honey and maple syrup don't bother me, it's just the refined stuff. So being sugar free is a hard limit.
2. Self-loathing - If I had just a half Lululemon shirt for every time my hubby had to pull me out of my dark and gloomy hole - I'd be so well dressed you might think I was a fitness model. When I start getting down on myself  (why am I not thinner, stronger or more disciplined) I have a hard time flipping the switch back to gratitude and positive thoughts. Sometimes it takes drastic action or a swift kick to the rear to knock me back in line. No more self loathing, it never helped anyone.
3. Working out at the butt crack of dawn when I haven't slept the night before. It just makes me a stress ball the rest of the day. I prefer to get my sleep and try to make up the workout later. No guilt, just resolve to get a better nights sleep.
4. Not appreciating where I am now from where I started a year ago. It's easy to nit pick but it's harder and more rewarding to look at the big picture. I've come a long way in a year. See bragging rights below:

Three Things I'm Moving Towards:
I also am borrowing an idea for the new year from a post I recently read. Instead of listing resolutions, you write out 3 words that you want to move towards. The changes you want to see can be practiced, there can be re-calibrations, there can be changes in direction, it's not a perfect straight line. The destination is more like a tree. The trunk leads up to branches which go all different directions. My best advice is to work on what you want to be better at. Someone recently reminded me that it's a journey, not one final there and done.

1. LOVE - To give and receive LOVE without limits. My daughters have shown me how to love unconditionally and I want to give that right back. Also, to give LOVE to myself and make up for all those times I looked in the mirror and felt total rage or disappointment: I don't want to do that anymore. Love never feels bad but Self Loathing ruins everything. We are all divine, no matter what you have done or who you think you are - you are awesome! Self loathing never gets you anywhere, but love - it's a train you wanna hop on. 12 ways to love yourself NOW.

2. PRESENCE - I am so bad about lingering aimlessly inside my head rather than living in the present moment. My kids live there full time & when I let myself go there I become the happiest woman alive. The present moment has so much to offer if we pay attention. But we have to get off our cell phones, listen without judgement, and stop over thinking if we want to experience it.  A good quote I just heard was:

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” - Lao Tzu  

3. Courage - There are so many times during a workout that I think, "I can't do this!" right before we start a Crossfit class. One of those times was to do multiple clean and jerk at 115 pounds. Those times have made me realize that I don't give myself enough credit nor do I push myself hard enough in life and thus, in the gym. Courage is something I need to practice more often in my life. 

Year 2014 Fitness in Review: A.K.A. Bragging Rights

1. Fitness milestones surpassed all over the place: flipping tires like a man, bar muscle ups, learned pistols
2. Discovery of Epsom salt baths - oh my god the relaxation hit like never before
3. Got my Crossfit Level 1 Certification - one weekend, one test, one happy girl.
4. Completed my first Tough Mudder and Spartan Sprint
5. Met some like-minded fitness enthusiasts to keep me on track with ease, you know who you are!
6. Found a sledding hill within 5 miles of my house to help survive Colorado snow storms
7. Paddle boarding for my first time in Santa Barbara
8. Hiked Pikes Peak 14er (26 miles round trip)
9. Gave up sugar - about 5 times. Each time I never looked back
10. Met Matt Chan. The Legend.

Good luck to you in giving up what no longer serves you and welcoming in what you need more of. It's about practice, dedication and constant re-calibrating. We can do it.