Sunday, May 18, 2014

That Girl is Dirty! My Filthy Adventures With Spartan. Fully Loaded with Mud Pics

Nothing like cold body parts, slippery obstacles and an unknown adventure to invoke my inner badass! When else are you thrilled to get mud, dirt, and unknown debris stuck to your body? When people tell you that there is mud on your teeth and you feel more pride than embarrassment, now that's Spartan Tough! The Spartan race was one of the most fun things this girl has done, and can easily be added to the list of epic adventures, right up there with skydiving and fourteeners.
Our pre-mud pic
Does everyone look this good covered in mud, you ask

The Spartan Sprint course took place on an army base in gorgeous Fort Carson, Colorado. The course length was 4.5 miles with at least 20 obstacles. The total time it took all three of us (leave no man behind) was 2 hours 15min. Here's some nitty gritty  details of the race parts.
Sandbag carry, I got this! Beautiful Ft Carson, Colorado army base

Right before our start time when we got to scream "AROO!" and get amped up waiting for the start whistle. Everyone was pumped and I could feel the excitement in my nervous little bones. Once we got started, we were running and climbing under netting and wood barriers as our very first obstacles. We got to jump through walls like this.
Not my pic, but here is how we climb through walls

Wall Climbs were common on the course. The walls began around 4 feet tall and got bigger as we moved on; they ended up being 10 feet high. Luckily, there were plenty of people willing to let me jump off their outstretched hands to grab for the top and pull myself over. It is my goal to learn to run up those walls so I can climb them without assistance. Just putting that out there and you can hold me to it!

The obstacles are pictured here but these are not my pictures so shhh! don't tell...

- Rope climb from the mud pit (I tried, but couldn't do it, so had to do 30 burpees instead)

- Dunk wall - you had to slide into a muddy hole and then dunk under a wall to get to the other side

- Tire flip or Tire pull - your choice. We opted for the tire pull but were told we should have done the flip

- Carry a sandbag up and down a hill - we ran this part

- Traverse a wall with wooden hand holds without touching ground
- Throw a spear into a haystack from 10-20 yards (miss the target and do 30 burpees)

- Pull a heavy rock (attached by a chain) behind you up and down a hill

- Climb angled wall with a rope 
- Lots of walls to climb!

- My personal favorite was crawling under the barbed wire. One of the staff yelled at us to not scratch his barbed wire, which gave us a good distraction laugh. I felt like a total beast this part and crawled through fast, passing people like it was my job. Thus, this is where I got scraped and bruised on my forearms, but it was well worth it!
My favorite part and also where my body got the most damage

And for the end, we got to jump over fire! AROO! Now it's time to get serious and train for the Tough Mudder, who's coming with me?! 

This is not me, this is just a great shot!
My Goals for the next mud run:
1. Climb those walls without help
2. Make it to the top of a rope climb
3. Add some speed to my pace

Aroo! Did I spark some interest in the Spartan Race? Sure hope so, for more info, click here