Saturday, May 24, 2014

BRA-View, Sports Bra Review For the Active Ladies. From A's to D's, Got you Covered!

Honestly, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I thought I purchased the perfect sports bra only to be incredibly disappointed or downright embarrassed by the bra's lack of performance. In my bra review, I will not waste your time with the unmentionables (pun intended) but instead I will only list my WINNERS. Each bra pictured below has already had its time to shine and the review considers it's performance based on the factors outlined below.
Small Boob Bras!

Heavy Hitter Bras
I recently shopped New Balance online to scope out new sports bras.The disappointing part was the store's bra size recommender declared me as a size 36A. That felt like a bitch punch in the face. Oh I never thought I would be an A cup. I used to be a well-endowed big C/D cup. ((sigh)) My point being, I know what it's like with a larger chest needing to keep the girls properly secured during high impact sports. And more recently, I know what it's like on the other side of that; two kids and one major boob disappearing act later. 

Current, bra free (REAL, obviously)
Victoria's Secret: helping with Breasts &  sexier double unders!

Cabo, in 2008. Ah, beach. Ah, boobs (that's what he said!)
Where's the first place a girl head to when she needs busty reinforcement (hint, it's not the Kleenex box!) Me and my tiny chest headed straight to Victoria's Secret for some much needed cleavage correction! And...I am proud to announce my in-person re-measurement at Victoria's Secret reported me a 34B...Yeah! (clapping!)
Sports Bras in Review:

Sports Bra Review Factors in Consideration:
1. Impact level - you can tell which ones are going to fail just by a quick glance
2. Headlights (nipples) - Oh.My.God. All bras need at least molding to dim the lights
3. Uniboob - Is it ever worth it for the no bounce factor?
4. Back fat - Is the bra going to enhance this or can it (gasp!) actually minimize it?
5. Perky factor - Can the bra bring the ladies up from the floor to party?

BEST in big-chest class: Moving Comfort The Juno. 
Review/Buy online here

Moving Comfort, The Juno - 1st Place, Big Chested
The Juno (pictured here) keeps headlights under wraps with molded cups, keeps the girls tight without bounce AND somehow minimizes back fat. I trust the workmanship when doing heavy lifts and it has never let me down. Which is why I own 3 of them in different colors. It doesn't give much separation of the boobs but it's far from a uniboob. Somehow it manages to make my boobs look perky and voluptuous, yea! 

Best Bra for giving you "damn, she's got it going on!" looks: 
While this one makes my chest look amazing, I wouldn't want to wear it longer than necessary because it wasn't super comfy. But if you're just going for looks, it's the winner hands down. My hubby told me I should buy lots of these because it's also a personal fav of his. It honestly is the closest I could get to looking like I had plastic surgery without the knife.

Best bra for giving realistic looking volume:
The Under Armour 'Still Gotta Have It' with Cups
Purchased from Sports Authority & while I don't usually go for Under Armour Brand, I was desperate for a real headlight deflector. I was so impressed by how realistic this made my boobs look and that it had thick cups that I didn't mind that it did give me a little more back fat than I wanted. Kinda like party in the front & a tiny bit of a bummer in back.

Other brands I wear are Athleta, Lululemon, Champion and Reebok. If you have any questions on my review of these above or the ones I didn't mention, PLEASE feel free to message me. I am more than happy to share my experiences with each one! Hope this helps you ladies out and best of luck to you in your search!