Thursday, May 8, 2014

Body Image Blunders, before & after pics...AND a superb video, hell ya!

TODAY, May 8, 2014
As my body has begun to take on a new thin shape, I  still struggle to accept and love EVERY part. Stretch marks, check. Scars, check. Imperfections, hell yeah, big check. In the last seven months, I have lost 20 pounds and gained a super-muscular physique. In fact, it happened so freakin fast that I wasn't even sure I was doing it all myself. I questioned if I was struck with a nasty disease or diabetes. But now I realize I am perfectly healthy, my intense visualization of my body actually worked and I created this body all on my own! That's empowerment.
BEFORE. Sept 2013
 There are times that I go into a dark place where I still see that old chubby girl looking out. I gravitate towards those same insecurities and I feel her ache towards something more, something greater. There are ample times when my negative mind pulls me down and I focus on my flaws; my big thighs, my back fat, my wobbly arms. And sometimes those emotions linger for days, ah what a sad place I let myself go to in my mind.

Luckily, pulling myself out of  that dark place seems to be getting easier now. The more weight training and intense exercise that I do, the more I appreciate my  body's performance rather than judge it's appearance. Who cares if my thighs are bigger than most if I get to use them to squat clean over a hundred pounds? Who cares that my arms are big if they help me to get my chin over the bar during pull ups? Who cares if my calf muscles are super sized if they are what help me sprint like a cheetah? Who cares, and why do we care so much? Who in the WORLD are we striving towards looking like?
An amazing video which speaks numbers to me and gives my mind a break from this insane drive towards perfection. Please watch and enjoy! This video tends to bring on the tears for me, beware...