Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting Serious. Progressing From Squats to Pistols (One-Legged Squats) With pics and a Video

When I first saw someone do a pistol, I thought I had just witnessed a donkey turn into a unicorn. And when I tried my first pistol immediately after, I was both baffled and completely star struck. Years later, after a couple months of training, I am doing pistols like a firing handgun! If you don't yet know what a pistol is, let me explain so you understand we aren't talking about firearm training. A pistol is a deep squat, where your booty comes down to your ankle while you stand on only one leg.

The bottom of my pistol

Had so show you how I can float :) had me laughing at least

So...I decided to nominate Pistols as one of my new favorite moves to do, right up there with burpee tuck jumps and handstand push ups. The reason, you ask? Because it took a lot of work to get pistols, and things that come naturally just aren't as rewarding. And that uber proud moment when you get your first pistol is magical! And it motivates you to want to learn more new technical movements, maybe L-sits and muscle ups?

If you are ready to get in the gym and start squatting like an automatic weapon, watch this video!

My quick video on Pistol progressions, how to get them the easy way: