Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why I Haven't Eaten In Ten Hours. The Benefits of Starving...I Mean Fasting!

Fasting is good for so many things; the body, the mind, the hormones and the wallet, really. While it can help us save money and calories, it is so much deeper than that superficial stuff. Right now, I am in the depths of my 36-hour fast, I am feeling uber motivated to move you towards my fasting tenancies (i.e. insanity).


1. Fat loss, not just water weight, nope. Fasting is a hardcore blubber buster! 

2. Cleanse & Detox the body, give the digestion a head start 

3. Increase energy 

4. Cleanse “stuck” emotional thoughts

5. Repair inflammation in cells & stop cancer cell growth

6. Protect against Alzheimer’s

7. Hardcore increase in Human Growth Hormone (good stuff to get you ripped!)

When fasting, you will get hungry, but your hunger does not increase as time goes by. Rather, you hunger comes in waves. I notice around the times I normally eat (meal times) that my hunger goes up and the other times I am perfectly alright. I think about food, but I just remind myself that I can eat later. Also, it's best to stay busy when you are fasting, which is why I have two blog posts today! Best of luck and don't forget to send me your results, comments, etc.