Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pulling A Truck...Yeah, I Did that Today (nonchalantly I say this while twirling my hair)

Holy Crap! One of the quickest intense workouts of my life. Yes, each truck pull will burn your legs, upper body and lungs make you ache all over, but in a good way (that makes this girl VERY happy!) There I was roped to a truck, strapped into a harness, and pulling that truck like I never had a choice! Truck pulling is dangerously close to being something I love more than flipping a tire, and you know I love my Michelin Man flips! Truck pulling is so draining to your whole body, that you really can't do it over and over because each pull puts you on your ass.

1. Stay low during the pull, the power comes from your sprint stance
2. On the initial pull, stand up straight then hinge down into the rope with your upper body until you are down
    towards the earth into your sprint stance
3. Keep your feet close (mine were flailing out to the sides, what a rookie!)
4. Climb the ground with your toes/ball of foot, while you pull with your upper body
5. Breath! I realized I was not taking air in but only blowing it out, and once I did breath, it helped me relax

1. A Large Truck. Heavier is better but maybe don't start off with a semi-truck. We pulled a Chevy.

2. A harness to strap on around you (buy one here) Expensive so I would check for used on Ebay first
3. A heavy duty rope to attach you to the truck (via harness)

4. A second heavy duty rope to pull with (optional- you don't need this if you will just be using the harness on your back and not using a rope to pull with
5. A Strong light pole or something that won't move (only if you are using the 2nd rope)

BIG DEAL! Don't forget to put the truck in neutral and have a person inside the truck for good measure (no feet on the brake- that would be just CRUEL!)