Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nutrition for the Plate and the Mind, with A Thyroid Focus

I just melt when I observe my daughters look at themselves in the mirror. They just look briefly, just peak, then they move on to play time. There's no judgement, no harshness, no analyzing, just pure self love. Today, my youngest, who's two years old, smiled in the mirror, turned her head and smiled again with her tongue sideways and head tilted. Pure, innocent love not tainted by judgment from media. Children are just as much our teachers as we are to them. They easily remind us of who we can be when we un-cap our wings.

Thoughts On Nutrition:

1. You are what you eat.  - Do you eat food made by mother nature in perfect form? Do you eat processed, chemical-filled foods that your body understands to be poison?
2. You are how you eat.  - Do you attack your food like you haven't eaten in months? Do you look at food and tell it how bad it is for you? Can you look at a piece of pie and enjoy it with pleasure or do you shame your lack of willpower while you eat it?

3. You are also what you think.  - Are you thinking positive things about yourself? Are you calling yourself fat? Are you judging yourself constantly? Are you judging others with harsh eyes? Are you feeling love for others through the day or anger/resentment? Are you feeling that you are healing or are you telling yourself over and over how sick you are? Some of the best advise I ever had was from a woman who did Reiki on me and said the best thing to do is keep my spirits high and that will begin the healing process.

Do you know of the scientific testing Dr Emoto did on water molecules? He would expose water to certain words and music and once it crystallized, he took photographs under a microscope of what the water looked like. This was a real, legit study showing the effects of our thoughts, words and outside influences. Our amazing bodies are at least 65% water, so we are effected by every thought and word spoken. I believe that strongly.

Did you know that feeling Stress (including negative or angry thoughts) releases insulin into the body? Insulin is great for us when we use it properly. Or as Diane Sanfilippo says in her book, Practical Paleo, Insulin is like your Mom, it wants to constantly put things away (like store fat.) That's just one metabolic reason you gain weight under stress. There are so many more. So breath deep and stay calm.

Nutrition with a Hashimotos Focus:

A great book for recipes!

1. Mind Your GUT. Did you know your gut is where most of your serotonin is created?  Your belly has more neurons than your spinal cord! Holy Smokes. If you feel grumpy in the mornings or feel a lack of impulse control (you eat at the mere sight of food withno regard to how you will feel after?) You might be able to relate it to low serotonin. Eat protein at every meal, stop snacking and fix your belly bacteria to fix the problem. You might just get to add a potato as an evening snack, too. Check out this book about how to increase your serotonin and endorphins.

2) Treat yourself to some sushi once a month- sea veggies are vital for minerals. Seaweed is great for iodine. A word of caution, I tried a seaweed salad twice now when I felt motivated to fix the thyroid issue, and both times I had to spit my first bite into the napkin. No wonder it's so good for you, it's disgusting. So I don't recommend the seaweed salad. But sushi? We can do that.

3) Stop masking your symptoms with unneeded poisons. Toxic makeup and hair products plus medications are adding to your toxic load. Only use if you HAVE to. I admit, I was using Latisse for growth of my eyelashes and eyebrows. I stopped so I can see what I'm truly working with. Obviously if you are taking thyroid meds, you would need to make a decision for yourself if that's right or not. For me, for now, I am opting to go medication free (YEAAA!) and treat instead with an acupuncturist who uses NAET treatment/diagnosis. 

4) DETOX.  Many hypo-thyroid patients are showing to have dysfunction in their phase 2 detox pathway. This means we are not getting toxins out of your system and they are getting reabsorbed. This causes massive amounts of hormone imbalances, mostly estrogen dominance. You know if you have this as a woman if you have swelling in the armpit area or as a male if you have man boobs. See my body map. Also, your thyroid can not function in the conversion of T4 to the usable T3 if there are too many contaminants in your bod; it makes it impossible for your liver and kidneys to do the conversion. So stay clean, LOVE YOUR LIVER and kidneys and consider adding chia seeds, romaine lettuce, steamed broccoli, and cooked swiss chard to your regular eating habits. Toxins get stored in your fat cells. A lot of people theorize that your body is protecting you from all the thousands of environmental poisons by increasing your fat cells. Drink Detox teas, detox juices. Cleanse your blood with beets. Add fiber and eliminate major irritants like dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol and too many nuts/oils.
1) Beets are delicious in a raw smoothie or roasted and eaten with dinner. Bonus! Red Pee! My kids love them. They are great for bloating and high in natural sugar when you need a fix.

Molasses. Do it for IRON
2) Spirulina powder - this is so easy if you do green smoothies. You're just making them super green. This stuff is amazingly good for weight loss, detox, energy. If you want convenience, and to fork out the big bucks look here, otherwise grab a bottle for $30 that will last months. This is kept in the supplement section, not food section of stores.

3) Start consuming molasses regularly. Do it for IRON, for a sugar substitute, for selenium and calcium. If you want a treat, make some paleo-ish popcorn balls.

4) So many people with Hashimotos have issues with Vitamin D, Which should test out in 80-100 range, Add in Cod Liver Oil to your daily consumption. Helps with food cravings, keeping you full, battling inflammation. It's a nutritional powerhouse.

5) Soaked and sprouted Brazil Nuts. Ever seen the label? They have 700x the recommended amount of selenium. The taste was very earthy to me at first but I soon loved them, especially after I saw the label. I like spouted because they are easier on the digestion and you can sprout them yourself with a water soak + your oven on a low temp.

5) Steamed broccoli - As stated earlier, people with thyroid issues have trouble during their phase 2 detox. This is why you could be getting puffy or feeling heavy. This is why you need to focus on fiber. Phase 2 of detoxing is key and can be done by adding cruciferous veggies to your diet on a regular basis. This means a big steaming plate of broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale and all those things we feel good eating but we don't typically crave. More info here Some people say that eating the crucifer viggies raw will interfere with thyroid function but I am out on this one. I tend to steam them because they taste better to me, but it's your call there. I think they are loaded with nutrients and that's what's more important.

Thyroid Boosting Smoothie:

 Makes Enough for 2-3 large Green smoothies (my own fav morning ritual!)

  • 4 celery stalks
  • 1 cucumber with or without skin (skin has zinc which is good for skin and hair!)
  • Half an apple
  • An orange
  • Juiced lemon 
  • Huge portion of parsley (help with detox and swelling)
  • Huge portion of cilantro (heavy metal detox)
  • 1 Tablespoon molasses (natural form of iron)
  • 1 Teaspoon Spirulina  (protein/Chlorella/detox)
  • 1 head of romaine lettuce (FIBER!)


I have some theories on what caused my immune system to attack my thyroid. I suspect different things (including a dentist visit with x-rays) but I know one thing for sure. My thoughts are a huge part of what got me here, and they will also help me out. In life, I need to be more assertive and speak up more for myself. People with thyroid issues might fit that criteria or be overly outspoken to anger. Either way, our bodies are letting us know they need something physically, emotionally and energetically. Listen to it. Figure out where in your life you feel like you are holding yourself back. 

A great book which has 30day protocol for autoimmune conditions