Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flip that Heavy Beast!

Sooooo…. I flipped a 450# tire today! (Now imagine I just said that casually with a nonchalant wave of my hand) I flipped that monster & I want more (maybe not RIGHT now…)
Strong woman class today. Heck yes. My tired little self loved every working second. The strong women and I enjoyed pulling a tire uphill, hitting a tire with a sledge hammer, 40# weighted push ups, shot put throws & heavy (88#) kettle bell swings.
Anyone have advice on Russian KB swings? I look mostly retarded when I don’t fully extend into American style. Even my trainer was a little dismayed by my form. And there I was, all alone humping air with some kinda odd double hip extension. Not feeling like a roaring lion during this part of the workout, no sir.
THIS was NOT me today
Am I extending my hips now?

Strong woman class + today's WOD:
Run 3 laps - 350meters? 
500m Row
5 handstands (practice to keep my feet off the wall)
15 kettlebell thrusters 20# each hand
15 box jumps (24”)
20 weighted sit ups
Uh…no wonder. That WOD explains the intense draw towards this girl needing a nice comfortable chair to sit down and eat massive carbs. Oh basic needs, how I will never get away from you.
Even though it was hard today, I still affirm that 14.5 grew more hair on my chest, I am still haunted by all those mean-nurtured thrusters.