Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tree hugging

Call me a freak (no, don't) but I found myself hugging an ash tree yesterday for ten minutes. Recently, I was told that I need some grounding and I took it very seriously. Decided to skip over the why, how and all the the "why- me" drama, and decided to just act. I can't say the experience of hugging a tree was life altering but it was very positive. And I felt better after I got intimate with some bark, so... meh. My research came later and here is what I found.

Not Being Grounded/Centered
(not what your parent's used to do to you when you were a bad kid)

  • Caring too much of what others think of you and over thinking (guilty)
  • Self-talk is less than kind - yes, downright rude self talk 
  • Scattered, unfocused thoughts/emotions
  • Not living in the present moment
  • Feeling unsatisfied in a lot of aspects of daily life
  • Feeling "done" or drained emotionally or physically

Quick Solutions to Ground You:
1. Stand on the earth, walk in grass or dirt
2. Have a good belly laugh
3. Mentally become a tree with feet that "root" into the earth
4. Hug a tree - (done!)
5. Meditate 

6. Give up your first born child as a sacrifice...WHAT??!!

Hope this helps, may we all be so lucky as to hug a piece of mother earth. There, done endorsing tree-hugging hippies...