Saturday, April 5, 2014

New gyms and older sisters!

A welcome twist in my work outs today, by adding a work out partner, my big sister, Wendy! We were able to lift some IRON at her gym in Boulder, Colorado Athletic Club. The club was friendly enough to allow my entry; no membership, no problem.

So, I'll admit, there was a tiny splash of trepidation in going to a new gym. Where are the boxes, why does their TRX system look funny, look at all these new faces, no water to drink anywhere... oh the how the mind easily creates unnecessary chaos! It's good for us to experience new places instead of just getting too used to our safe, daily grind.

WOD,  included with intense chick-talk-time:
Back squats/front squats (95#)
Deadlifts (up to 195#)
Jumping lunges
Toes to bar - Wendy's very 1st time, so lots of laughing & silly child-like swinging behavior
Plank holds & push ups

The reason there are no numbers listed for reps on the WOD is that I couldn't keep counting since we were too busy talking. Yes, we were those annoying girls who were hogging the weights & gossiping too much instead of lifting. But you have to be those people sometimes so you won't judge as harshly when it's someone else doing the same annoying thing you were. The chick time was awesome, I feel a ton of gratitude for having a great sister, everyone should have a Wendy!

1st WOD:
2000M Row, then run track with handstand p/u practice
3 rounds:
25 Wall Balls  @ 10lbs, 12#,14# (move up in weight with each round)
Pistols with TRX - 6 on stronger leg & 8 on the Right (throwing 'ol right leg under the bus)
20 Weighted sit ups
4 Rounds:
9 Clean/jerk 85#
15 Push ups

Trying not to reach my physical breaking point. I wanted to feel refreshed after my work out instead of exhausted & I did that - Yeah! However, I did get a gnarly bruise on my collarbone from the clean/jerks. This seems part of the routine anymore, my skin is becoming really it jealous of my muscle's new strength so it's decided to start acting out for attention?  More on this to come...