Friday, October 3, 2014

Troubleshooting ESTROGEN. Estrogen Dominance

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Estrogen Dominance has begun to take effect in the world at a quick rate, maybe even a critical rate. Moobs are all around us, fish are changing from males to females (true story) and girls are starting puberty at very young ages (like 9 years old!) Yes, we live in a toxic, estrogen-dominant world. 

Excess Estrogen Happens when:

  • We get exposed to xenostrogens (fake estrogen) which comes from toxins like plastics, house cleaning products, environmental chemicals in air and our water. Toxins in these products accumulate in the body and create excess estrogen.
  • We are carrying body fat percentage greater than 28% (estrogen is stored in fat)
  • We are taking birth control pills
  • We eat foods with preservatives
  • We eat low fiber/low fat diets without much lean quality protein
  • We are stressed out and overproducing cortisol
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Signs of Imbalanced estrogen in Women: 
Acid reflux, belly fat, bloating, Decreased libido, Dry skin, Hair loss, Heavy periods, Crave carbs, high blood sugar, asthma, increased allergies, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, insulin resistance, impaired memory, hot flashes, irritable bowel syndrome

Signs of Imbalanced estrogen in Men:
Increased body fat, low sperm count, Reduced facial hair, depression, Man-boobs, decreased muscle tone, Erectile dysfunction

  1. Ditch the Dairy! Dairy is full of estrogen.And those poor cows kept in the factory they just keep impregnating over and over against their will, ug. Poor things.
  2. Eat grass fed beef and steer clear of conventional cows (pun intended.)  More info here Grass-fed is more yummy. You can buy grass fed beef here
  3. Eat your broccoli, brussel sprouts and Spinach. (I am siding with our Moms on this one)
    Cruciferous veggies help your body get rid of estrogen and fight cancer - Goooo Broccoli! (cheerleader pom poms waving!)
  4. Become friends with FIBER from veggies and fruits. Estrogen gets excreted from going #2, so you don't want to stay constipated, get it out! Your best allies for fiber-rich foods are prunes, lettuce, avocados, apples and pears. Make it easy with a green smoothie for breakfast.
  5. Lose weight. This seems to be a win-win when it comes to so many things. You're in the right place!
  6. Drink your green tea. Lowers estrogen levels
  7. Limit your boozing. Alcohol increases estrogen. Besides that it makes you feel like a bag of poop the next day too. 
  8. Reduce your soy intake. Isoflavones are present inside soy and will mimic estrogen. This is pretty common with processed foods so if you're limiting your fake foods, you're golden.