Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Testosterone Level of a Teenage Boy. Yes, Please.


In Jillian Michael's Book Master Your Metabolism, one of the best parts is when Jillian compares herself to her thinner friend based on their hormonal tests. Her friend's hormone levels show she is high in testosterone. Now, I can spot this testosterone-heavy body type out in a crowd any day. I'm not thinking of the overly bulky body builder! Instead, its the perfectly thin girl who can eat anything she wants and doesn't know what it feels like to put on jeans and have your thighs and lovehandles bulge out. Sometimes it's to skinny girl's demise, because this high-testosterone girl tends to be lacking in organic curves, but often she's "that girl" the other gals envy for her effortlessly skinny self. Her blood result will usually show high testosterone, so you wanna get yourself some of this, and I'm here to help.

For the guys, the heavy in testosterone male will look like this, maybe. And rest assured, these boobs are muscle not moob-fat. But high testosterone males will also have ample facial hair, lots of energy, and be motivated, be extra motivated to hit the gym. Women are by nature more attracted to guys with high levels of testosterone because it's a sign of health. Did I get your attention now?

In both males and females, testosterone will help you to
- Build muscle
- Have a smaller waist
- Have confidence, like you own "it"!
- Have an active libido (sign me up!)
- Increase attrativeness to females

What does LOW TESTOSTERONE (Boo...) looks like:
1. Beer belly
2. No motivation
3. Moobs
4. Depression
5. Reduced sex drive
6. Loss of body hair
7. Reduced muscle
8. Increased body fat

Causes of Low Testosterone: (some were surprising to me so I wanted to share)

Image from Anti Aging Clinics

And now folks, for the goodies!
Here's how you can increase your testosterone naturally:
  • Sleep! Deep sleep, in a dark, cool room. Watch the YouTube Video below for proof
  • Intense exercise, fast and hard. And lift heavy weights (done and done!)
  • Take zinc citrate, and Vitamin B 
  • Eat lean red meat (grass fed preferred!) Red meat +burly men go hand in hand in my mind
  • Eat a low inflammation diet and lose weight. You can do both by adopting the paleo diet
  • Stop eating sugar. This is important with ALL things good for your body but specifically for Testosterone wellness
  • Increase your healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut, nuts) don't be scared of saturated fats, that's an old school way of thinking, instead get educated on their benefits
  • Magnesium oil. I love this stuff to help me recover quickly and I can spray directly onto sore muscles, plus it helps you sleep well
  • Wonder Woman pose
  • Masturbate and/or have a lot of sex (saved the best for last)

Best of luck to us all!