Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting Put in My Place...With Crossfit. My WOD Struggles

One of my local Crossfit boxes, Crossfit Cherry Creek has you sign up online for class before class so they know who's attending. Since decided to do a 530am drop in, I signed up online last night. This also meant I had no idea what the workout was going to be. Doing it this way is both very good (bravo for having balls!) and also very bad (you have NO idea what you're walking into). This is what I got:

Warm up: 10 kettlebell swings, 8 goblet squats, 6 rings dips  x 2
Squat clean + Hang Clean at 65% working up to 80% max (don't drop the bar during each set)
5 Sets total with 45 sec. rest between sets to add weight

WOD: 10/7/14
50 Double Unders (my personal nemesis) or 100 singles
40 Weighted sit ups (14#)
30 Hand release push ups
20 Wall balls (14#)
10 Burpee toes to bar
400 Meter Run
2 rounds

Soooo... turns out I can't do hang cleans to save my dear little life. The coach came over and had me drop weight, change my grip and alter my form but I was still a floppy mess. It was like the first days of Crossfit were coming back to remind me of my non-lifting roots. Why was I never taught hang cleans? WTH. I felt like a Crossfit wanna-be but now I know I'll be doing more hang cleans in the gym. The coach told me people are either good at A) power cleans from the ground or B) hang cleans and I was the opposite of most people because I was better from the ground. Or was he saying that to make me feel less dorky. Dunno, but it did warm my awkward heart just a little.

The hardest part of this WOD was the non-double unders. My goal was to do all double unders and not change to singles, but if I had done that I would have never made it to the weighted sit ups in round 1, seriously, I might still be there right now - 30 minutes after class. My personal work on double unders has been dedicated and deliberate but I have yet to reap the rewards! Why can't I do double unders linked and classy like? arg. I also had a hard time with hand release push ups but I think everyone did; they were tough. The burpee toes to bar were a new move and I actually really liked them, they might make it into my repertoire at the gym.

The weighted sit ups were with a wall ball overhead touching the ground above head and then bringing it between the legs to touch the ground again. Those KILLED my traps. Let me mention, there are two places that I NEVER want to be sore:

1) My Calf muscles - My Dad has HUGE calfs for a guy, and I got a pair to match my Dad's (in my most sarcastic voice...YAY!)

2) My traps - Come on, what girl wants big traps? Not this one, two thumbs pointed this direction. 
I think she might like my calf & trap muscles

What is the place I got put this morning during Crossfit? Into the humbling room. Adding my positive spin I would say it's nice to know there's a LOT of room for improvement.